Meet the Minis

Mei Apothecary MINISCULPT Beauty Tool and Mini Rose Quartz Beauty Tool Facial Roller - An AAPI woman owned beauty brand.

They may be tiny, but they truly are mighty! A smaller version of our regular sized tools, our mini collection provides all the same skincare benefits but in a travel-friendly size. We love our mini tools because they fit perfectly inside our purse, gym bag and carry-on, without preventing us from missing out on a lux facial experience while away from our vanities. They are also a cute addition to our skincare routine that still leave the skin feeling supple and renewed, reaching every corner of the face. 

These benefits are the reasons why we had to create a guide centered around all things minis, and all that they offer. Meet the minis below!

MINISCULPT Mini Massaging Beauty Tool

Mei Apothecary MINISCULPT Mini Massaging Beauty Tool - AAPI Female Owned Beauty Brand.

The tiny version of our iconic SKINSCULPT Massaging Beauty Roller, MINISCULPT provides a deep kneading movement to every corner of the face while relieving facial tension. Just as its name suggests, this tool is perfect for all skin types, especially those looking for a naturally sculpting effect on the skin. All the energizing and anti-aging benefits of SKINSCULPT, but on-the-go. 


Mini Rose Quartz Gua Sha Facial Massage Tool 

Mei Apothecary Mini Rose Quartz Gua Sha Facial Massage Tool - AAPI Female Owned Beauty Brand.

Gua sha is an ancient beauty practice that provides your skin with massaging and lifting benefits all in one movement. With the help of a gua sha tool, including this mini version, the face becomes lifted and contoured overtime, if used continuously and correctly. Using a gua sha tool is also the perfect way to promote lymphatic drainage, which helps relieve the lymphatic system of toxins and waste. Who knew that a little tool could do so much? Plus, we can’t help but love that this mini gua sha tool is cutely shaped in a heart. 

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Mini Jade Facial Roller Beauty Tool

Mei Apothecary Mini Jade Facial Roller Beauty Tool - AAPI Female Owned Beauty Brand.

Last but not least, the Mini Jade Facial Roller Beauty Tool is the easiest way to make the skin feel soft, soothed and radiant. The easy-to-hold handle and non-speaking roller make it a sweet treat for the skin, and for promoting a relaxing facial experience. Not only that, it compliments every skincare product, including face masks, to enhance their effectiveness. 

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This mini facial roller is also available in a rose quartz version.