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charcoal facial rounds
healthy skin is happy skin
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Healthy Skin is Happy Skin.

We believe in being kind to your skin and being kind to others. Have fun with your skincare routine because we have done the hard work to make sure your products are clean and non-toxic.

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Mei Apothecary is Vegan
Mei Apothecary is Effectivee
Mei Apothecary is Clean & Non-Toxic
Mei Apothecary is Cruelty Free
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Why people love Mei Apothecary

I’ve noticed as I age (currently 29), I become more and more intrigued by things that I may of once previously passed off as just “in your head”. Gua Sha definitely falls into that category, but, let me tell you, this absolutely works!


So I am absolutely obsessed with this and can’t believe I didn’t have one before! I use it everyday at home. I specifically target my maskne areas and it helps with the inflammation after a day of wearing a mask! LOVE!!!!

T. A.

I've only used this for a couple days and I'm already noticing improvement. My face looks less puffy, and the lines on the middle of my forehead reduced. I use it when ever I have migraines and it helps so much. Plus, the quality is amazing!