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Hydrating and plumping. A little pick me up designed for the delicate eye area! Designed for all skin types to awaken the eyes. Infused with ingredients to moisturize and replenish.

Vegan & cruelty-free.

Available individually or in a pack of 3!

Key Ingredients

  • Starfruit extract - antioxidant rich, high in vitamin A and vitamin C
  • Hyaluronic acid - a boost of moisture and elasticity
  • Peptides - the building blocks for collagen!

    We design products that make your skin glow. Our tools are easy and uncomplicated, making it simple to achieve dewy radiance. Healthy skin is happy skin!

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    Mei Apothecary is for all skin types
    for all skin types
    Mei Apothecary is for use morning + night
    use morning + night
    Mei Apothecary is Vegan
    firm and massage
    the face
    Mei Apothecary is Effective
    reduce facial tension
    and stress
    Mei Apothecary is Non-Toxic & Clean
    aids in penetration of skincare
    Mei Apothecary is Cruelty Free
    promote lymphatic drainage
    Mei Apothecary is Cruelty Free
    give skin a
    healthy glow

    What I Do - LED Gua Sha

    Red LED

    with healing properties proven by NASA, red LED helps boost collagen production while reducing inflammation


    with a temperature of xxxx, heat helps relax the muscles and boost blood circulation

    Sonic Vibrations

    with over 8000 revolutions per minute, sonic vibrations massage the face and aid in product penetration

    The Triple Threat LED Gua Sha Beauty Tool

    What I Do - Skin Scrubber

    Ultrasonic Technology

    with thousands of oscillations per second, the ultrasonic technology vibrates the skin to push out impurities in the pores while exfoliating the skin

    The Triple Threat LED Gua Sha Beauty Tool

    How to Use Me- LED

    Step One

    Beginning at the center of the forehead, scrape outwards towards the ear. Repeat on both sides.

    Step Two

    Scrape upwards and outwards along the brow bone.

    Step Three

    Next, glide the tool along the cheeks and cheekbones, starting at the nose and scraping outwards towards the ear.

    Step Three

    To contour the jaw, glide the tool from the chin to the ear. Focus on the ear area to release facial tension.

    How to Use Me - Skin Scrubber

    Step One

    Hold button for three seconds to turn on the Lifting feature. Press the button another time for the Moisturizing feature. Press a third time for the Cleansing feature. Hold the button to turn the device off.

    Step Two

    Use the device on the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin.

    Step Three

    Avoid the delicate eye area.

    Mei Apothecary is Vegan
    Mei Apothecary is Effective
    Mei Apothecary is Clean & Non-Toxic
    Mei Apothecary is Cruelty Free
    cruelty free
    What we believe in:
    Mei Apothecary believes in kindness.

    being kind to your skin and kind to others

    Mei Apothecary believes in fun.

    have fun with your skincare knowing they're clean/non-toxic

    Mei Apothecary believes in results.

    we're serious about the effectiveness of our products

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